Results, through C-Level ConsultingResults, through C-Level Consulting

Since 1986, Dock Square Consultants has helped its clients make quantum leaps in business performance through consulting services at the highest level of the organization, the C-Level.

Many companies know where they want to go but face obstacles or uncertainty about how to get there. Dock Square Consultants can help your business succeed by removing obstacles, pin-pointing and prioritizing opportunity areas, and creating, planning and directing the actions that can change your world. Find out more by contacting us.

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What we do

We deliver results with practical business solutions and participate directly in achieving them.

How we do it

Through our proven methodology and direct experience in transforming and growing businesses we help clients diagnose major constraints to their business performance, come up with strategies and tactics to overcome them, and then at an operating level work with clients on implementation.

Who we do it for

Our focus is primarily on small to mid-cap technology, business-services, and manufacturing based companies or units of larger corporations. We have also worked effectively with organizations across a wide range of industries and sizes in the business-to-business markets.

What role we play

Often we serve as a senior advisor to the CEO, Investors, or the Board of Directors in driving the effort to improve business performance. We frequently assume the roles of interim CEO or other "C-Level" positions to augment the management team and more directly manage the business improvement process.